The Carousel Theory of Change

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Our safescapes provide a targeted physical workout cost a dead full body growth and development of different muscle groups to provide an all round fitness curriculum for the children, thereby adding in proper muscular development and coordination, leading to a better performance in sports and army training.

 A safe space to exhaust their excess energy helps the children increase their attentiveness and attention span overtime, helping in better academic performance

 Are knowledge centric interactive installations promote in innovative problem-solving in children, thereby helping increase their overall IQ to make the children intuitive

 Creativity centric Free Play approach helps promote freethinking and lets children explore their creativity with creativity outlets for older children and brightly colored free play spaces for the younger children.

 Elements that promote contextual understanding of concepts through deep rooted learning possible only through interaction/utilization over a long period. This helps students grasp concepts and postulates easily and apply in real life

 Early playground experiences help promote empathy in children recreational spots acts as centers of information sharing and helps in social skill development in children where they share their emotions leading to better emotional intelligence in them

 Our local employment only and hands-on working approach helps unskilled workers and students learn to use power tools safely leading to the skill development and increase employment opportunities within with a higher wage.

 The sustainable low Cost construction methods we adopt will train the community in low cost locally replicable solutions with locally available resources to revive traditional and sustainable building practices.

 With a combination of awareness building and community workshops, we hope to spread the message on the importance of play for children across the Le Bon graphic. Helping people take more informed decisions for themselves and their children.

 A playground that encourages children to play and interact with others can promote socialization, cooperation and teamwork skills.

 Imagination and creativity – a playground that encourages children to use imagination and creativity to explore and interact with elements can foster cognitive and emotional development.

 A playground that offers challenging activities and equipment can help children build confidence, perseverance and problem-solving skills.

 Incorporate nature and environment – opportunities for children to connect with and appreciate nature

 Cultural reference – a playground that reflects the local culture and traditions can create a sense of belonging and identity for the community it serves. 

 Comfort and sensory appeal – a playground that provides a comfortable and safe environment, with sensory features like colors textures and sounds can enhance enjoyment and engagement in children

 All of the above helps in creating positive and interesting experiences for children.

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