A mission to create sustainable and engaging play spaces

Building Playground Building Community

Developing avenues of play and engagement for children in marginalized communities and empowering them to be Champions of Change for the future.









Education and Joyful Play Experiences


We contextually elevate/upgrade the barren areas to create safescapes - a play based learning arena built with local and sustainable materials

Our Story

Our Team came together with a vision to bridge the gap in Rural India’s development by providing low cost, sustainable and contextual play arenas aiding in their Holistic Development.

Our Philosophy

By focusing on areas which have shown relatively lesser progress in achieving social development, we can mold a new generation of confident and capable youngsters from our strong rural population.

Our Work

Our concept of Safescape guides in developing intuitive playgrounds for children that gives focus on physical workout along with sensory indulgence, interactive play and socializing corners all in a Carbon Neutral setting.

Importance of Contextual Play

We develop spaces by working with the community and designing interventions that suit each location with locally sourced materials and are durable, easy to maintain, eco-conscious and creative.

The area is developed after taking in inspirations from the history, culture and current needs of the location, which allows us to design unique interventions that are multi-faceted in utility, each with its own quirky aesthetics incorporating the soul of the Community. It facilitates knowledge and IQ building among children through play.

Learning through play is an age-old concept that helps children to question and grasp concepts easier. Safescapes encourage children to explore their creativity through play and experience a wide range of ideas to question and understand.

Each playground is designed after studying the locality and the community, using sustainable raw materials sourced from the neighborhood and surroundings. The community is consulted and involved through regular community engagement programs throughout the project, facilitating in skill-development and employment generation.

Our Theory of Change

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

Kay Redfield Jamison


“A child loves his play, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.” 

Benjamin Spock


I want to create a Playscape for my Community

We are always looking for enthusiastic ChangeMakers to work with

What makes us different?

We Create

Strong Funder/ End-User relationships through Community Engagement and Mobilization.

We Collaborate

With multiple stakeholders to develop Projects that stretch beyond simple Playground construction.

We Enjoy

Working in the remote corners of India, helping them catch up with their urban counterparts to level the playing field.

We help

Train communities/individuals with new skills to upskill them and open up new avenues of employment.

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