About Us

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About Carousel of Dreams

Carousel of Dreams Foundation is a Not-For-Profit NGO working towards building Sustainable, Low Cost, Contextual Playscapes that provides avenues for Playing, Learning and Recreation for its users.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to aid in the holistic development of children by creating sustainable and engaging play spaces that are run and managed by local communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to nurture and mold a new generation of confident and capable youngsters from our strong rural population to be Champions of Change for our future.


Our Unique Safe scape model of designing ensures playgrounds that are Contextual, Sustainable and Engaging for the users.

Community involvement is ensured throughout the different steps of a Project to enhance the reach of our locally replicable interventions while upskilling community members.

Comprehensive end-to-end documentation makes it easier to track the Impact created by each of our Projects as the years go by.

Work with us

We are always looking for enthusiastic Change Makers to work with

Support our cause. A Single Donation can help spread smiles.